How it works​

The Calidad Telehealth Kit contains user-friendly medical devices that allows you to perform examinations, and to optionally transmit the sound, video, or image data, documents (reports, prescriptions, X-Rays) to a medical professional/clinician in another location. Calidad Mobile App is connected with additional add-on devices for examinations such as lung, abdomen, heart, ears throat, skin, oxygen level and general audio auscultation.


It facilitates the process of communicating examination data and performing an online consultation with the clinician. The Calidad Doctor’s Platform facilitates doctor-patient interaction, maintains health records, integrates with existing technology & medical devices for data-driven clinical diagnosis.


Patient-doctor video interaction for clinician dignosis

Medical Exams

Perform examinations, and to optionally transmit sounds, video, or image data , documents


Detailed prescription and next line of treatment recommendation

What It does​

Telehealth kit enables live doctor – patient interaction, clinical examination using add-on medical devices, clinical diagnosis, and detailed digitized prescription from doctors.

The add-on devices to perform the following types of examinations :-

Patient’s body temperature measurement

Inner ear otoscopic images & videos

Stethoscopic abdominal auscultation

Heart sound & ECG for cardiac exams

Blood oxygen saturation level & Heartbeat

Fundus images & eye investigation

Intra oral Dental & throat investigation

Psychiatric consultations & mental wellness

Dermatoscopic images of skin

Stethoscopic lungs auscultation


Patient's screen

Doctor's screen

Patient’s real-time data from the medical devices appear on Doctor's screen along with prescription & medical history while they both are connected audiovisually over a video call.



Works on low bandwidth

Add on medical devices

Platform with 8+ connected medical devices

Data transmission

Real time transmission of medical images, finding & reports through the app


No continuous charging required

End-to-end encrypted cloud storage for patient medical data (EHR)

End-to-end encryption. Private and secure medical data transmission

Patient owned EHR

Patient have access to medical history and data


Stakeholders' Interest

  • Additional income in free hours
  • Reduced cost on infrastructure & staff
  • To expand their patient base
  • Patient’s Electronic Health Record
  • Real-time medical data
  • Reach out to remote places
  • Access to remote patients
  • Large patient base
  • Reduced infrastructure & staff cost
  • Remote health centres
  • Patient’s medical data
  • Improved accessibility across all economic, demographic, and geographic.
  • Early diagnosis of treatable and untreatable conditions.
  • Increased speed and reduced costs
  • Better outcomes for patients, without penalizing all other stakeholders.
  • Save in both cost and time

Our Modules

Branch/Devices Stethoscope Thermometer Pulse Oximeter Peak flow meter Vision test device ECG Oral Camera Otoscope Blood Pressure Reports
General/Family Medicine
ENT(Ear, Nose, Throat)
Covid Care
Gynaecology & Obstetrics