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Why Partner us?

Are you a Healthcare service provider looking for Telehealth Partner?

  • Use Calidad Telehealth Platform (Apps & Webs) developed by a team of Clinicians, Engineers & Healthtech industry experts.
  • Become a Telehealth Services provider company.
  • Get your customized Telehealth Platform as per your requirements.

Are you a clinician looking to expand your patient base?

  • Install your virtual clinic in remote areas wherever you want
  • Pay for no/ very minimum infrastructure cost
  • Serve your patients 24*7

Are you a hospital looking to extend your speciality care and expand the patient base?

  • Set up a virtual clinic in your hospital/ remote areas
  • Get access to remote patients and build your patient base
  • Get access to patient medical data 
  • Get access to our speciality doctors

Aspiring Entrepreneur?

  • Set up a Telehealth clinic in your locality with minimum investment.
  • Become self-sustaining and more
  • Improve primary care access in your region

Call for CSR

CSR managers with a mandate to invest funds in healthcare face several challenges – choosing the aspect of healthcare to invest into, finding reliable organisations who will use the invested funds well, and finally, measuring the impact of their investment.  Each of these challenges is complex; hence typically, they take a lot of time and effort to solve.

How does it work?

Interested companies/ NGOs invest CSR Funds to buy and install the Calidad Telehealth kit in the community or health centres/hospitals/factories to aid the community/enterprise in meeting its primary healthcare requirements. Calidad’s team will partner with the contributor company’s CSR team end-to-end, making the process seamless and easy.  Calidad’s team will identify potential recipients and organize the required interfaces between the Donor team and the beneficiaries.  Post-installation, Calidad’s team will also keep track of immediate usage as well as the long-term impact.