The Calidad Telehealth kit includes a web & app platform plus various innovative devices & adaptors which sends patients medical data on doctor's screen directly during live consultation making it a more accurate Telehealth visit

Mobile App

Mobile App for patients to connect with doctors on video call, book appointments and sending real time patient’s medical data.


Device for measuring blood oxygen saturation level & heartbeat of patients.


Device for taking inner ear otoscopic images & videos of patients.

Intra Oral Camera

Device for Intra oral Dental & throat investigation of patients.

Peak Flow meter

A hand held device to measure how air flows from patients’ lungs in one ‘fast blast’

Digital Stethoscope

A digital stethoscope to examine the heart, lung & abdominal sounds of patient.

Prescription Printer

A small compact portable Bluetooth connected printer to print patients’ prescription

Blood Pressure Machine

Measures blood pressure and Pulse rate simply & quickly