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Government studies state that 60% of the population in rural and remote areas lack access to proper primary care due to a lack of manpower, skills, and basic medical devices. Additionally, challenges include in the health care system include large geographical coverage, 70 % specialist not found in position (at local health centres), the mismatch between the medical specialist’s vis-a-vis facilities & staff, sub-optimal usage, inactivity, and inaccessibility of the centres and misdiagnosis in telehealth due to lack of real-time medical data transmission. The most common but serious medical error made during telemedicine is misdiagnosis – due to the lack of adequate real-time medical data of the patients. In current telemedicine techniques, clinicians make several correct diagnoses in clinical scenarios where photographs/video/audio alone are not adequate, but when basic additional medical parameters (body temperature, Heart, lung & abdomen sounds, pulse rate, heart rate, Spo2, Blood pressure, real-time data for vision exams, ear exams, throat exams) were important, they regularly failed to diagnose properly, and performance was also poor.

Considering challenges in the rural healthcare system and infrastructure in terms of medical staff availability, quality care, connectivity, bandwidth, and facility we provide a solution addressing these limitations.

Calidad Healthcare Private Limited is a telehealth start-up focussed on addressing the primary health care needs of society. Overcoming the challenges in the rural healthcare system and infrastructure in terms of medical staff availability, quality care, connectivity, and infrastructure we have developed a telehealth platform for guided medical examination. Our solution includes a web platform (for the doctor), mobile application (for the patients)  and add-on medical devices that seamlessly integrate with the application. The solution connects people to live clinicians anytime /anywhere to provide a guided examination, video consultation, routine checkups, and digitised prescriptions. The solution works on low bandwidth and transmits live patient data securely. The solution is designed to meet the primary health care needs of the semi-urban and rural communities by making telehealth affordable, accessible, and available. Moreover, build a telehealth ecosystem by instilling confidence in telehealth solutions in these regions.

Company Values


To transform primary care by placing health in the hands of the users to make it simple, accessible and available.


To develop a telemedicine experience that connects doctors to the people to provide guided medical exams and diagnosis solutions.

Our Team

Muthu Singaram

Chair & Founder

CEO IIT Madras, HTIC Incubation & Founder Vibazone

Ashish Sharma

CEO & Co-Founder

Biomedical Engineer, NIT Raipur

Prathistha Jain

COO & Co-Founder

Former Senior Incubation Manager IIT M, HTIC MedTech Incubator & IITM Alumnus

Ayush Mohril

Head Electronics

Electronics Engineering

Aditya Paul

Software Engineer

Computer Science Engineering

Debjyoti Banerjee

Software Engineer

Computer Science Engineering

Jitendra Rathore

Graphic Designer

Rajat Pradhan

UI UX Designer

Yash Joglekar

Software Developer

Our Advisors


Ravi Ramaswamy

Business Advisor

CEO - RV Consultants, Former Sr Director & Head - Health Systems Philips

Jeffrey Champagne

Business Advisor

Vice Chair BOD MedTech Association, Screening Committee Boston Harbor Angles

Fiona Fitzgerald

Business Advisor

Commercial Zone Leader for Life Science Canada, GE Healthcare and Cytiva


Dr. G S Bhuvaneshwar

Chief Scientific Advisor

Independent Consultant, Medical Devices Former Head BiomedicalTechnology Wing, Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & Technology, Trivandrum. Distinguished Alumnus, IIT Madras

Dr. Saurabh Gupta

Technical Advisor

Faculty, Biomedical Engineering NIT Raipur | PhD IISC


Dr. Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA

Medical Advisor

President & CEO at Society of Physian Entrepreneurs

Dr. Anand P Joshi

Medical Advisor

MS, MCH, DNB FRCS (Trauma & Orthopedics)

Dr. Ajit Gupta

Medical Advisor

Dermatologist , MBBS , MD BHU

Our Achievements

Quadruple Aim for Stakeholders

“12 to 18 million lives touched with 6 million consults”